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Tyron Network - SSI Protocol

Status: Active

TYRON, a decentralized network of Self-sovereign identities, was created in these circumstances. The word tyron derives from the Greek turannos, meaning 'sovereign'. Thus, the purpose of the TYRON Network is to give you sovereignty over your data. Sovereignty to empower the world and improve our security, with no need to exploit nature to do so, by using new Web3 technologies. The TYRON Network enables people to manage their digital identities, proving who they are without intermediaries. This functionality gets achieved by anchoring Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) on blockchain platforms as a shared root of trust. With these technologies, we can have legitimacy as users without handing over the control of our data to a centralized authority or third parties. With TYRON, you can become the owner of your identity and financial assets.


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